Tuesday, June 3

31 May @ sunway

i'm still newbie wit blogging...
so here's my 2nd post =)

i met Munawar in sunway bowing bout 1.30 and we played 1 round..
here's the score

i can do better than than this actually! my top score are 118..mayb i choosen the wrong size of ball this time >< We finished the game bout 2 den we went asian avenue to meet M-Yo members,hang out there for a while till 3 something we went MCD to have lunch..
Then Dimi arrived with some "stuff" hehe..it's my long time waited yyf skyline! =D

And when i open my bag,Faez (dunno hw to speel his name sry)
spotted my dslr Nikon D40! and tried it for awhile
took some pic too
ewin and me..

Dat's all for this post =)
Finaly got a blog to post haha..