Sunday, June 8

SummerSplash 2008

By 10.00 in the morning i went to Chester's to collect the summersplash tickets that Quincy pass to him,after that i went straight to Sunway.
I waited bout half and hour but no one's here yet...luckly i saw Munawar,Jia Jun and Lee gathering with the shuffle gangs..hangged out with them (as usual,sunway always have loads of shufflers)..
and i met Nathalea waiting for his friends,also shufflers..lols
Until 11.30 i saw M-Yo T-shirt at Wendy's from MCD,it was Ray..
Then Ewin arrived..Ewin,one of his friend and i went to the SummerSplash entrance to check out..
and this is wad we saw

walaowiehhhh,and there's more on the right and left..
we took some pics there then we went back pyramid at 1 to meet up the yoyoers..
Until 3.00,me,Adam and Jonathan went line up to go in,and it's still that may people..Adam,Jonathan and his friend decided not to go cuz of the crowds..
So i went to meet my friend Quincy and his sister to go in together,this time not so many ppl..
But something happend when we going in..The people there shouted at the guard "F**K YOU!" and pointed middle finger,i was like
*woah* lols
After bout half an hour,we finaly manage to go in...
When i reached the stage i saw Jazli,and he told me Ray's band performance had over =(
missed it,haiz..den we went finding Ewin..
i looked around the beach but no sign of him until i go near the stage,he's in the media area which is surrounded with fence..i was thinking "how Ewin manage to go in media area?"
I called him few times but he cant hear cuz the 6 big speaker is between me and him,which is dam loud...
After awhile he finaly notice me,he told me to hold my camera and walk into media one blocked me ^^
First time into media area which is dam fun cuz can take pic of everything on stage..
and now's pictures time...=)


Free Cream?

Part 2 coming soon ^^
Fashion show..models *woot!* lol