Friday, October 10

Phuket trip - Le Khaokob Cave

This is the most exiting cave i've went in to..Le Khaokob Cave
we'll have to sit on one sampan to go in
inside the cave is very dark and big
even when i'm taking picture with my flash in full power still isn't bright enough to light up everywhere
Coming out of the cave is the most exiting part..where u have to lay down on the boat until u're out of the cave
i'm laying down on the boat while taking this picture without looking trough the viewfinder

In Thailand,most of the tourist visiting places u visit,at the entrance no matter u're looking or not they'll first take a portrait picture of u before going in visiting..
and after finish visiting they'll display the photo's and sell it to u for RM10,it's optional weather u wanna buy it or not
i dhin't bought it,but look wad i do..hhee
it's Free! LOL


Anonymous said...

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