Sunday, November 23

CYYC 2008 Ended!

Just came back from CYYC 2008 and i've got something to announce..*ehem*
Ladies and Gentlemen..The CYYC 2008 Offstring Division 3rd place goes too... HonVee!!
Yupp i've won 3rd place for the CYYC 2008 @ Sunway Pyramid today
My first time competing Offstring Division yet i got 3rd even though my CD dosn't work and being forced to use other people's freestyle song
Got myself a Duncan Flying Panda for winnng 3rd place

Duncan Flying Panda
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The CYYC Top 3 Offsting Players Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Would like to thank
Malaysian YoYo Club (M-Yo) , Skillz and the sponsors for the event
Ewin for letting me use his Bigyo for back up
And everyone's support =)

Whole day of yoyoing and photopraphing..
Got 1.2k of photo's to process and upload tomorrow..
gotta slp! Chiaooo!