Wednesday, April 1

Leo Charity Concert

Finaly i've done my Sejarah project,took me almost 2 weeks do finish it
Was busy doing it for the past few days that's why dhin't post anything

It's April 1st today! April fool day! Did u got fooled or you fooled people today?
I fooled alot today and got fooled few times ..fooling ppl is fun x)

Last Sunday,i went back to my primary school Chee Wen with my friends
There was a Leo Charity Concert at my primary school's auditorium
It's a charity concert so we'll have to pay for tickets
But my friend was a performer,i get to go in free even though i'm not performing
The school auditorium is so much nice compared to my time,now they had big speakers and such comfy seats
During my time was just small little mic and speakers,and sitting on the carpet =(
It was quite dark inside so it's kinda hard to take flash allowed i THINK
so i dhint got nice pics during the yoyo performance
Met ShauJin there,she was performing Hip Pop Dance with her group of dancers
Astro Talent Quest-Hao Ren came for the concert and sang just 2 songs..