Monday, January 25

Apple MacBookPro 13

2 weeks ago,Sunday was my best ever Sunday
I finaly upgraded my old comp to a MacBookPro 13
My MacbookPro specs are 2.26GHz Intel Core2Duo,4Gb ram,13" screen
with 4 gb ram and core 2 duo,it's way way way faster than my old comp
Bought it from Machines 1 Utama
And pics of my new MacBookPro
soooooo nais..
i like this SD card reader,it saves my time looking for my card reader
and many other cool features like the backlit keyboard,glass multitouch trackpad,i-sight
something different,no more using Control,it's Command now
people say there's no turning back to Pc ones u used a Mac..maybe it's true =)
i love my Mac alot