Wednesday, March 14

KPP Course

Last Sunday,me together with Chester and YatHaw went all the way to Padang Jawa,Klang.
For this 8 hours long KPP Course,on our way to get our driving license.
For a freakin long hours in the 'container'.
I went prepared luckily. iPod loaded full with songs.
Reached there 8:30. started 9:30 !
My view but with other peoples for about 6 hours,then to other room.
Reading bout this

After the test. 1 more to go!


YeePei said...

why go so far for undang test? said...

Cheap lor. and it's my mom arrange one so. dosnt matter. since transport was provided :) Course is at Padang Jawa, but test is in Sri Muda only.