Wednesday, December 23

Singapore Trip

11 days ago which is 12/12/09 i went Singapore with my family
I've never been to anywhere this whole year since CNY
But didn't do much things in Singapore this trip,i only went Orchard,Cangi,ECP and around city
Here's the end of runway at Cangi Airport,there's a sea behind this picture but i forgot to take picture!...How Can?!?!
Then i went Orchard Road,alot people were there taking pictures and celebrating early Christmas
This is Ion Orchard,the new shopping centre at Orchard Road
i see all branded stuffs inside here
Christmas Tree outside Ion Orchard,but what so special about this tree?
Inside there's lights all the way up to the top of the tree..soooo nicee
it's my current wallpaper now
And my dinner at Singapore,nasi expensive..
WARNING: Non-Halal picture ahead
And a last photo of Orchard's busy road to finish up this post..
ahh..took me so long to edit all these slow la my comp nowdays! why la?


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